Rise Pageviews Rise Video & Lyrics


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Jan 10, 2018
Rise Pageviews Rise Video & Lyrics
Performed & Written by Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports

[Verse 1]

Fuck Kevin Clancy
You should have left it alone
Now I will remind you
Who's on the Iron Throne

See, I'm Jordan
You're Pippen, you're trippin' bro
This is my fucking business
You're living off

I'm the fucking boss crushing summers on the beach
When I met you you were crushing numbers like a geek
You're more like Marvin without me you would be starvin'
You skinny fat fuck you're starting to look like my wallet
Backseat driving dick riding you want my life

I make headlines
You three coning on the sidelines
You unathletic fuck, can't stand, can't run
I'd say blow my head off
That's an insult to the gun
You're a Jets, Knicks, Mets fan, you suck man

Black people fucking hate you like the Ku Klux Klan
Constantly spewing all your racist shit
Til Tiko came a ripped you out a brand new clit
Oh you didn't think the Jew could rap
Now your wife Catelyn's listening going fap fap fap
Probably knocked her up listening to this beat
Now I gotta have a junior so he can feed her the meat, GEEK

[Interlude 1: Spoken]

Fucking KFC
KFC Radio i was fucking doing that in the mid 80s motherfucker
When you were busy punching keyboards i was making memories
You'd be nowhere without me dude
Remember when he wouldn't fucking jump ship?
Think I fucking had a salary when I started this fucking company dude?
I took my balls in my hand and fucking ran with it, coward

[Verse 2]

But let's get back to you, you lazy eyed fuck
You got sued and made your daddy pay it all of off
Now that's soft
But that's okay, that's alright
Cause Pageviews makes that type of money every night

Blog like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Every fucking day you're wishing you were me
Cause I be popping bottles in the winner circle
You're driving in the Fiat like Mr Urkle

Bitch I'll serve you like Andy Roddick on the tennis courts
I made you cool but you been a dork
You can't even play a sport
Check the score
I got the fame and I got the whores
Groupies try to fuck me on the Blackout Tour
That's for sure

Brady, Bird, Belichick and me
The only four fucking guys
With the city key
Oh what about you what about NYC?
Oh hey look isn't that the skinny fat guy that works for DP?

[Verse 3]

Ya U took a couple months but the stoolies know i got this
Mainly becasue your raps are weaker than your shoulder sockets
I'm better at everything that I do
You hate blind people but you can't see the truth

You're a doof
At your wedding you put me in the back row
Dikembe Mutombo: no no no
Without me you're a loser you're a bum
A rag not worth of wiping up my cum

[Interlude 2: Spoken]

Hey Stud cut the beat
Hey KFC you fat fuck
GChat gang can't bail you out now
I've already made you my sacrificial cow
You took a shot at the king, you best not miss
Now I gotta give you a goodnight kiss


I guess your old blog was kind of hot
Actually check that, for sure not
Fucking twat
Aye, yo, what you forgot KFC you should know this
I'm made out of steel
Stronger than you have tried to make me kneel
I'm immortal, a legend
I'll be here til the end
The question for you bro is do you want to be a foe or a friend?

And here's the behind the scenes of the making of this KFC diss track.

And the bleeped out lyrics is "Your wife shouldn't have done it and now she's fat and prego. "

Source is about 25 minutes into this Run Down: https://www.barstoolsports.com/boston/barstool-rundown-june-23-2016/
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