I think situation 2 here is plausible

Sep 16, 2020
I think situation 2 here is plausible. Mut 21 coins management might've hit their goals for Madden 20, maxed out their personal performance advantages. Maybe even COVID helped, with more people staying home, playing the game, and purchasing packs instead of going to pubs or whatever. With a lot of folks planning to drop $500 and on new systems this past year (and thus less money in the budget for Madden packs), and potentially people not stuck at home with COVID, perhaps they are only attempting to maintain investor expectations more reasonable for Madden 21.

MUT because 16 and I have been enjoying with and that is undoubtedly the oldest they have moved on. Fundamentally penalizing 2-3 promos. With how lucky the player base was this year (EA always got slagged on all media - and deservedly so) I hope that they are just pulling the tools to make Madden 21 a step in the ideal direction. Plus, with COVID affecting every aspect of everyday life, I'm assuming to some level they were affected by it as well. Or this is the new version - 8 weeks of updates and then work on the following calendar year. Any way I do not think you have to worry about EA hitting on their profit margin.

In that last scenario, though not launch a few low-effort, high-reward apps? Even if it's something like a series of full-game solos (those need to be simple to plan ) with big coin benefits, and another NAT GT in the end? Or some objective lists (again, can not be hard) that reward packs or some sort of loyalty incentive? These would take no incentive to buy packs, would require effort, and they would make the community especially more happy. There are ways to keep down costs, minimize package purchasing, and also make the customers happier all at the same time.

You and I concur. Trying to consider how this could make sense avg amount of players online is a key performance metric for Madden? So, while they aren't gonna proceed so far as to run off gamers, they do not want to create a lot of incentive to buy Madden nfl 21 coins even come into the game? I dun. I do still believe some kind of loyalty promo will come along though. I'm glad since I really disagree with it you pulled this one on the market. The neighborhood believes EA is just lazy in terms of putting content out.