I appreciate that

Sep 16, 2020
They have pretty clearly moved beyond that today though, they've made many a complex bit of OSRS gold skilling now including an inarguable example of a skilling boss.

We have just announced a Construction Contracts-like upgrade and a combat boss on flow, among others. Hopefully that goes a way to address it. To be entirely fair here. You've announced a structure rework aswell years back, even showed some WiP. A few decades after, we saw some gamejam construction stuff that looked promising, that also died. Why can we believe you that the 3rd time around? I'd love to see building getting some love, but it REALLY feels devs are frightened of touching the ability because of spaghetti and a potential.

I appreciate that, but should we let our previous put us off doing this, then we would be in a far worse place. I'm sure we'll be showing it on livestream soon, so you can be more reassured. From my perspective, it's less about an anxiety about this Massacre or spaghetti code, and a prospective Structure Rework has put us off from performing different jobs, but we are moving forward for this one.

I look forward to Buy RS gold con becoming fixed