Sep 14, 2020
Slimymed thank you for joining the live so we are on the topic exercise um next is so they're really saying time in the day you know what that's not true everybody is given 24 hours equally but not everybody uses that 24 hours the same way so kahit nasi nas or whatever we have to include exercise if we really want to lose weight or if you don't want to lose weight you just you're just trying to live of the muscle that what you're doing is actually working okay you need oh my god my life my entire life is shaking so put the oil on with exercise no pain no gain and i think you actually go ahead you mentioned something about pain um you really need to spain it's so convenient for everyone and we think that exercise is also convenient unfortunately for our soul for for what history is about exercise it's still the same the game problem exercise plan so you really need to exert a lot of effort and you also need to experience some struggle i do this this is this will be the outcome yeah for example if um it becomes a two i mean so big but compared