Jul 29, 2020
Oshen Watch Connect to Any Device – Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you sync with any iOS or Android device wirelessly. I might get one for my wife who has an iPhone. Go All Day Long – The long-lasting battery provides about 96 hours of normal use and up to 15 days of standby time. Super High Value – INSANELY GOOD PRICE FOR THE LATEST, TOP-QUALITY TECHNOLOGY! You will be so happy with Oshen Watch, you’ll want to purchase two or three more for family members or friends. And with this amazing deal, you’ll be able to afford them easily. Who can use this product? Anyone can use the product; they may be a common man, sportsperson, or athlete. It fits all ages, and it is easy to use and connect easily with any electronic device. Download Oshen Watch Manual How the Oshen Watch works? Oshen Watch is a smar twatch equipped with all the high-quality sensors to keep track of heart rate, blood pressure,.