Don't Be Afraid of Dietary Supplements and Vitamins - Even If You Were Burned in the Past

Aug 7, 2020
The truth is, these products are TestMax Nutrition Review actually artificial chemicals and they are not healthy for you at all. Splenda is actually a chemically modified substance where chlorine is added, making it more similar to a chlorinated pesticide than something that we should be consuming. Health issues that have been associated with these sweeteners are potential cancer risks, negative effects on the liver, kidney and other organs, stimulates cravings, gastrointestinal problems, developmental issues in children and fetuses and headaches to just name a few. Although these have not been proven in studies on humans, some animal studies that have been given high doses have shown some of these negative effects.

There are alternatives you can use to help eliminate these harmful substances from your families diet such as raw honey, organic maple syrup or an antioxidant syrup called sorghum syrup, which is more common in the southern US. Unlike sugar or corn syrup these products actually provide some nutrients and antioxidants, not just empty calories. White refined sugar stimulates your appetite, lacks nutrients and provides empty calories that are not helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

There is also another natural sweetener available called Stevia, which is a natural non-caloric herb that has been used for thousands of years in some parts of the world. It is a dried powder that has a sweetness that is 200-300 times stronger than sugar. One product that is available is called "Steviva" and it is blended with a bulking agent, so you can measure it just like sugar and add it to your coffee or tea, sweeten plain yogurt or add it to smoothies. So, try improving your families diet and experiment with one or a combination of the alternative natural sweeteners today.