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  1. Calamity

    Picture of the Bob Kraft Prostitution Arrest Warrant

    On Sunday, January 20th, 2019, video surveillance was conducted at the target business. At approximately 1059 hrs, Kraft entered the business through the front door where he paid cash at the front desk to an Asian female, previously identified as (REDACTED) which was captured on JPPD Cam 5...
  2. Calamity

    Pinned Rough N Rowdy - All Fights - Full Videos Streams & Partial Streams

    Rough N Rowdy 1: (2 hours 15 mins) Rough N Rowdy 2: (30 mins) Rough N Rowdy 3: (30 mins) Rough N Rowdy 3: (4 hours)...
  3. Calamity

    Video of Pup Punk Live At The Irving Plaza (NYC)

    1st Song: Please Tell Me Why (Lit cover) 2nd Song: 69 Ways (Pup Punk original) (This is not my video, found it on periscope.)
  4. Calamity

    Pinned Barstool Van Talk - First & Only Episode (ESPN) The one episode show with PFT Commenter and Barstool Big Cat. You will need to register and make 3 posts and then you will have access to view the video along with Rough n Rowdy videos and others.
  5. Calamity

    Rough n Rowdy 6 Full Video

    Watch the RNR 6 broadcast FREE. Gators vs Bulldogs at RNR 6 in Jacksonville, FL.
  6. Calamity

    Video of Pup Punk Live At The House of Blues (Boston)

    Performing their original song, Just One Christmas
  7. Calamity

    Need To Feature A Site For October

    If interested, please message me.
  8. Calamity

    Reality TV

    Big fan of the Challenge. Essentially a spin off of Real World, but competition based.
  9. Calamity

    Barstool Idol Week Highlights
  10. Calamity

    KFC's (Alleged) Mistress

    The (alleged) mistress of Kevin Clancy when he (not allegedly) cheated on his pregnant wife is @erinelizabeth22 . Her Twitter account is now private.
  11. Calamity

    Finance and Investment Discussion

    Nice, what sites if you don’t mind sharing?
  12. Calamity

    Rough N Rowdy 3 Highlights

    Full Stream Can Be Found Here: Knockout: Cat Fight: Knockdown: Random Highlights:
  13. Calamity

    Rough N Rowdy 1 Highlights

    Main Event - Hank vs Tex: Racist vs Anti-Racist: Haymakers Flying: David vs Goliath: Random Highlights:
  14. Calamity

    Rough N Rowdy 2 Highlights

    Main Fight - Smitty vs Chef: Twin Brother Knockout: Blood Is Drawn: Knockout: Random Highlights:
  15. Calamity

    Pinned Reddit Free Talk Recaps [via StoolCubeMonkey]

    Here is a Google Docs sheet courtesy of StoolCubeMonkey : Essentially, this highlights all the better posts within the daily Free Talk posts on the Barstool Sports subreddit.
  16. Calamity

    What division are you in?

    I am I TOUCHDOWN THERE in the Feitelberg Division.
  17. Calamity

    Pinned Submit Your Blog, Podcast, or Youtube Channel or Request A Change

    That looks like a larger site? Which category do you specifically write for? Or do you run the site?
  18. Calamity

    MLB Showdown Trading Card Game

    For discussion about the popular baseball card game. I will posting important information about it here. Included Here: The official rules from 2005 regarding tournament play An excel spreadsheet with all the stats of player cards from 2005 An image of the official playing mat that was used
  19. Calamity

    Currently Closed - However Guests Can Post Questions Or Issues Beneath In This Topic

    If you are having any trouble, please post here. Confessions may be open at a later date.