Previewing UFC 246: Conor vs. Cowboy

Here we go. The return of the King is here as “The Notorious” Conor McGregor returns tonight in Las Vegas to face Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in a 170 lb Welterweight main event. As a not so biased Irishman from Boston im actually pretty torn on how this fight is going to play out between these two legends.

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When Conor Mcgregor fights, there’s this inescapable feeling that you’re witnessing something that comes along once in a lifetime. The UFC’s version of a Sugar Ray Leonard or a Muhammad Ali. Just someone undeniably special. When it comes to Cowboy Cerrone, these are two different guys with different careers that paths have led to this. It’s pretty incredible when you research the backgrounds and career paths these two have took to get to this point. Cowboy holds the all time UFC records in wins, fight bonuses, submissions than anyone in the history of the sport. He has never won the world title but at this point, it doesn’t really affect his legacy of being an absolute savage in the octagon and throwing down with whomever whenever and wherever. I am so goddam happy he is getting the biggest payday of his career here and is finally going to be known to the whole entire world that aren’t fight fans. Two incredibly different fighters that are so likable its a shame one of them is going to lose tonight.

When is comes to breaking down the fight itself, i’ve had some trouble analyzing how this is going to go down. Conor has an advantage in being able to close the distance and a speed advantage. Cowboy is more well rounded than Conor. His takedowns are better and he is absolutely nasty off his back. Conor can obviously win by knockout and he has a better chance to do that early as well. His instincts are tremendous and his left hand is a goddam pistol. Also, another factor that people haven’t really mentioned is Conor handles pressure better than anyone in the fight game and maybe even sports. Are we sure Cowboy can do the same? I am, but i dont think everyone is. Is Conor the same guy? Or is he a new guy with all this money that just needs another check and will go away for another year or two after this fight. If Conor Mcgregor wants to show the world he can do it and that he’s here to fuck people up and reclaim his crown, then that would be something to behold. A motivated and rejuvenated Conor would certainly be a intriguing if he were to come out with a win tonight. But, does a rich man have the motivation to work hard like a poor man? Like the person he use to be. That is a question no one can answer but himself and himself only can answer that question tonight in Vegas. Cowboy has said he wants to stand with the best and see what it’s like, honestly was maybe the most savage answer i’ve ever heard. He is so goddam good on the ground and jiu jitsu and submitting people but he doesnt want to do that with Conor. He wants to STAND with him!!! If he stays true to his word, which i think he does, then Conor should end this in early rounds. Conor by KO in the 3rd Round. I for one am excited and so should you. This is a global icon fighting tonight. Gather your friends, drink some whiskey and buckle up. LFG!

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