UFC 242: Khabib Time

UFC 242 tomorrow AFTERNOON (on the east coast) in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates will be headlined by undefeated Muslim champion Khabib Nurmagomedov defending his Lightweight title against Interim champion Dustin Poirier.

weigh in khabib nurmagomedov GIF by UFC

We havent seen Khabib in the octagon since last October’s infamous brawl with the great Conor Mcgregor. Its pretty freakin awesome that an undefeated Muslim champion is walking to the octagon in a sold out stadium in Abu Dhabi. It also just as remarkable that Dustin Poirer, a kid from Louisiana is in this position fighting one of the most dominant champions in ufc history in Abu Dhabi. The crowd will be on Khabibs side (watch the weigh in) and its going to be hostile for Poirier. No body expected Poirier to be here, it was always going to be Tony Ferguson, Max Holloway or even someone else. Im really happy and proud to see someone like Dustin work as hard as he has to get to this pinnacle of his career. Its sad tho, because odds are Khabib is going to maul him just like he has with everyone else. If i were a gambling man (which i am) i would say Khabib wins this by Unanimous Decision. I dont believe Dustin will get tko’d or tap. I think he’s gonna push the pace like crazy the first couple of rounds and will probably get neutralized by Khabib’s ground game. Poirier’s cardio proved to be incredible in his last fight with Max Holloway (which is saying how incredible he is). I wish i could sit here and say Dustin Poirier is going to knock Khabib out, but cmoooon man, that isnt happening. Khabib is going to win this and maul as the crowd goes crazy. The winner of this fight goes on to fight my man TONY FERGUSON. Who i belive is the only man that can and will beat Khabib. LETS GO.

dustin poirier GIF by UFC

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