The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Re-Sign Vincent Testaverde As 1998 Me & Current Me Rejoices

Completely contradicting my return post two posts ago (see here), but news is news and I, being a very biased journalist must report what is of interest to me.

Vincent Testaverde, son of my all-time favorite football player, was re-signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week after spending a week of training camp (and a mini-camp) with the squad before.

Funny/tragic story stems from this as two weeks ago after suffering a bout of food poisoning-induced hallucinations (fever of a 100.8 may cause one to believe Johnny Cash is strumming “Tennessee Flat Top Box” in his bedroom closet), I bought some $35 tickets in hopes to see the rookie QB take a few snaps against the Steelers. Testaverde played at Heinz Field before in the Pitt opener last year while he was with the University of Albany, but I was unable to attend with my college buddies due to previous commitments (sometimes pro wrestling journalism beckons). So if I happened to beat the virus I received from “vegan fajitas” maybe, just maybe I could get a kick out of seeing Vinny’s son sling some pigskin.

Unfortunately, four hours after I bought the tickets for me and my degenerate brother, Vincent was waived from the team due to other positions needing to be filled. The move kicked my right in my nostalgia, but we went to the game nonetheless and I got to see some scary Marys from the surrounding counties of the greater Pittsburgh area who call themselves Steeler fans, meet badass Hall of Famer (former Jets LB coach & WCW star) Kevin Greene…

Met Kevin Greene today (I didn’t ask him about WCW Slamboree 1997).

and witness this frisbee dog here piss right on Heinz Field:

Dogs catching frisbees, dog pissing on Heinz Field and Glenn Frey soundtracking it all might make this the greatest video I’ve ever captured. #TheHeatIsOn

So overall, it wasn’t the preseason opener I excepted, but still a fun evening despite my original purpose.

All kidding aside, I think it’s super cool that Vincent is getting a shot at the NFL. Hey, if you’re a reader or listener to the podcast around these parts, you know I go a little overboard with my Jets & Vinny fandom, but to not love the idea of his kid carrying on his legacy (and in turn, carving his own) would take away an added element of interest I have in the gridiron. Vinny Testaverde (the dad) is the reason I’m a diehard football fan and to not root for Vincent (the son) would be bass ackwards on my part. You gotta think that someone who is in tune with quarterbacks as much as Bruce Arians is sees some pro quarterback in the guy.

Let’s Go (not the Pirates) Bucs!

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