The Keystone Statement Is Back

Hey gang. It’s been many moons since we saw some (Last) action (Hero) on here (I’m trying to justify my Arnold Schwarzenegger tie-in with the whole “I’ll be back” headline) but I’m here to say that The Keystone Statement will be making it’s way back to mediocre relevancy on your Internet webspace if you’d be so kind to welcome us back into heart and into your cookies privacy bullshit. Plenty of obscure references I’ve been itching to make. Don’t worry, it won’t be just a platform of me to speak on my Vinny Testaverde and Dean Martin affections (keyword: JUST), but a welcome space for all who want to bask in the golden bridges of PIttsburgh, PA – except if you are a furry or you’re super obsessed with pinball (play a video game ya creep), then please see yourself fuckin’ out. More to come, but I have to part before this site I make zero money off of makes me late for work once more. Now enjoy this clip from Kindergarten Cop where they just say my name over and over:

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