SEC Round-Up: Week 2

Mississippi State 31 vs. Kansas State 10

Every time I see Kansas State play I am appalled by how freaking old Bill Snyder is, but he could not avoid the grave Nick Fitzgerald and Miss. St. put them in. Miss St. ran all over K State with 384 yards, however; Nick Fitzgerald and the passing game looked lacking throwing for only 154 yards. Miss State has to be able to pass the ball before SEC play starts or they will get rocked. We will see though.

Georgia 41 vs. South Carolina 17

Wow. I did not see this one coming. Georgia absolutely destroyed South Carolina with a balanced attack of 202 yards in the air and 271 on the ground. Georgia looks like they are going to run away with the SEC East yet again. Jake Bentley of South Carolina looked alright besides the 2 INT’s. RIP to everyone who said South Carolina can compete with Georgia (including me).

Alabama 57 vs. Arkansas State 7

Well ladies and gents, it may be time to start smashing the over on Alabama week after week. Tua shredded the Red Wolves defense like cheddar, who was predicted to win there conference. Jalen Hurts also played pretty well besides a fumble on the 1 yard line trying to stretch into the end-zone. Not really sure why Alabama wasting hurts in a game like this if they want to red-shirt him, but who knows, Nick Saban is a smarter man than I (maybe).

Tennessee 59 vs. Eastern Tennessee St. 3

Nothing to really see here. Tennessee lost last week to WVU, so maybe this game gives them some confidence the rest of the season.

Ole Miss 76 vs. Southern Illinois 41

Holy hell Ole Miss needs a defense. Ole Miss was losing by three and half and finally came alive in the fourth and put away the upset potential. Nobody really cares about Ole Miss this year because of the bowl ban, but I can’t wait for Alabama to roll into Oxford and put 63 points on this Ole Miss horrendous defense next week. Yes, that will happen I promise.

Texas A&M 26 vs. Clemson 28

ABSOLUTELY HIGHWAY ROBBERY! Texas A&M was primed late to score and utterly defeat Clemson, but the Refs screwed the game when A&M fumbled out of bounds and they called a touch-back as if it was fumbled out of the end-zone. That rule is absolutely stupid, but let’s reel it back in. Texas A&M somehow go the ball back after that debacle and scored and ran the dumbest play of all time during the two point conversion, which resulted in an interception.

Missouri 40 vs. Wyoming 13

Drew Lock, Mizzou QB, absolutely balled out. He threw for almost 400 yds, 4 TD’s, and ran for another 50 and a score. I mean it’s Wyoming, but still, pretty good. We will see what Mizzou has in two weeks when they face-off against Georgia.

LSU 31 vs. SE Louisiana 0

LSU did not look good at all against this lack luster opponent. Everyone who was high on LSU might want to rethink that after this game. LSU travels to Auburn next week where they will surely be exposed as the frauds they usually are. Predicting an Auburn ass whooping next week.

Kentucky 27 vs. Florida 16

THE STREAK IS OVER! 31 YEARS OF DEFEAT IS NOW OVER. Kentucky finally pulls out a win against Florida after screwing themselves the past two years. I for one could not be any happier. Watching Florida lose is amazing. Kentucky might just actually be good at football for once. As for Florida…sorry you just aren’t good anymore. I might just have to ride the Kentucky Train. I mean the uniforms may be top 1.

Arkansas 27 vs. Colorado St. 34

Arkansas was favored by 13 points, but they obviously flopped. Arkansas switched QB’s from Ty Storey to Cole Kelley at the half which provided a spark, but was not enough to defeat the Rams at home. This is the same Arkansas we’ve seen the past few years.

Auburn 63 vs. Alabama St. 9

Auburn destroyed this cupcake just like they are supposed to. Nothing really else to say about this game. Auburn gets LSU at home next week which will make a great game in week 3.

Vanderbilt 41 vs. Nevada 10

Honestly… who cares. Go be doctors and lawyers Vandy.


See y’all in Week 3! Hopefully we don’t hear RPO as much this week!


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