Is it too early for me to declare the Bengals Super Bowl Champs?

I like to play up the miserable Bengals fan character just a bit during the NFL season (only a bit because the Bengals do enough already to cause me misery). But a 1-0 start after a come from behind win against the Colts on Sunday I’m feeling some of that big dick energy everyone on Twitter talks about.

So with that said could the Bengals go undefeated and win the Super Bowl this year?


All I see are losers on this schedule.

Thursday night will be the measuring stick for both the Ravens and Bengals determining who will stand atop the AFC North. The Bengals proved they are reliable down the stretch in games, but with this being a prime time game I’m a little concerned with which Bengals team will show up.

The Bengals prime time curse is very real and I have the stats to prove it.

Marvin Lewis is 8-31 in prime time games since taking over in 2003.

The most recent example of the Bengals collapsing on the big stage was December 5th of last year when they blew a 17-3 lead against the Steelers on Monday Night Football.

Most remember this game for the possibly career ending injury Ryan Shazier suffered (glad he’s able to walk and on the road to recovery), but I remember this game as simply another Bengals shitty prime time performance.

Do the Bengals turn it around this Thursday and bump that record up to 9-31?

tenor (4).gif

The current Vegas odds have the Bengals at a +6600 to win the Super Bowl. If you bet now and catch Vegas with their pants down a simple $100 will net you $6,600 in return. I don’t need to explain to you how that’s a huge steal!

I look forward to seeing everyone in Cincy celebrating with me and the millions of others on February 5th 2019 at the victory parade!



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