Big Ten Rundown Week 2

B1G Ten > SEC > Everyone (Sorry @tamcclanahan)

With a boring week matchup wise across the board in week 2 I’m again staying in my lane and recapping my conference the Big Ten. Don’t be fooled by our resident SEC blogger the Big Ten would absolutely destroy curbstomp put up one hell of a fight against the big dick swingers in the SEC.

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Western Michigan 3 @ Michigan 49

Michigan gets a much need W here against a tough Western Michigan, but they are still one of the weaker teams in the upper echelon of the Big Ten. Look for them to build on this win against SMU in week 3.

Eastern Michigan 20 @ Purdue 19

Ouch, not a good start to the season for the Boilermakers. I’m sure many expected them to handle this game with little to no trouble, but I’m not exactly upset that they lost. Tuning into this game late in the 4th quarter and not having a horse in the race I found myself rooting for the underdog Eagles. Expect more of the same for Purdue in week 3 as they welcome a 2-0 Missouri to West Lafayette on Saturday.

Duke 21 @ Northwestern 7

New Mexico 14 @ Wisconsin 45

Haven’t seen a blowout like this since @sylvan13 had White Castle after a heavy night of drinking. This game was a cake walk for the Big Ten powerhouse, and you can expect the identical box score in week 3 as the Badgers sit BYU down and perform their rendition of The Book of Mormon.

Rutgers 3 @ Ohio State 52

C’mon we all knew these first two games without Urban wouldn’t be anything but a blowout. Winning with style points and running up the score is always a good résumé booster come playoff time. The real test without Urban is 4 days out as the Buckeyes travel to AT&T Stadium to battle #15 TCU. I won’t give my prediction on the game until Friday, but what I will predict is the football played in that stadium Saturday night will definitely eclipse the game on Sunday.

Colorado 33 @ Nebraska 28

Scott Frost….


Scott Frost fresh off his National Title year at UCF starts his career at Nebraska with a disappointing loss to Colorado. This loss not only hurts Nebraska fans but UCF fans as well. I think it’s safe to say the “UCF are the real national champions” talk will die down for a bit until Frost gets a big win under his belt.

Iowa State 3 @ Iowa 13

tenor (1).gif

I’m with Newman on this one, it happened, it was boring, let’s move one.

Maryland 45 @ Bowling Green 14

Maryland beats Texas week 1 and blows out BGSU week 2, can they make it 3-0 this Saturday!? Probably, they play an 0-2 Temple.

Virginia 16 @ Indiana 20

I watched Hoosiers this weekend, was probably more entertaining than this game. By the way Gene Hackman come out of retirement for one more movie. Ending your acting career on Welcome to Mooseport is the acting equvilant of LeBron James retiring mid-season after a Tuesday night loss to the Trailblazers.

Western Illinois 14 @ Illinois 34


Lovie Smith’s beard is 2-0 this season. If Smith keeps this beard for the rest of the season we may have our 4th playoff team locked in.

Fresno State 14 @ Minnesota 21



Go ahead and keep on celebrating gophers! With Miami (OH) next on the shit list you guys can spend another week dancing on graves as you cruise to a cool 3-0!

Penn State 51 @ Pitt 6

Here’s the Penn State we expected this year. It took a week for the Nittany Lions to realize Barkley is gone and they need to move on. Look for them to cover the spread this weekend against a 1-1 Kent State.

Michigan State 13 @ Arizona State 16

Michigan State you just lost to a coach who didn’t even know what his team’s jersey was. Not a good look for MSU after barely scraping by Utah State last week. Thankfully for all you Sparty fans they have the week off so you can avoid the pain and agony of another defeat. I hope for the fans sake they can rebound in week 4 in against Indiana in their first Big Ten match-up.


Editor’s Note: I had this “definitely” blog locked and loaded and ready to publish before my blogging brethren published his SEC Round-up


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