Happy 4th scumbags! We got a BIG card this weekend in Vegas featuring the 2 GOATS of the sport of MMA, Jon Jones and Amanda Nunes. I’ll start with Jon Jones defending his Light Heavyweight Championship against Thiago Santos. So Jon Jones is the most highly skilled greatest fighter who ever lived, its honestly almost unfair. I will probably never pick against him in my life until proven otherwise, and if/when that ever happens Jon Jones losing or getting knocked out should be the lead story EVERYWHERE, it should be treated the same way as when Mike Tyson lost for the first. This being said, he will defeat Thiago Santos on Saturday, im gonna say by 4th round TKO or maybe even Unanimous Decision. Thiago Santos has fucking HAMMER of a punch (this is also his nickname annnd he has a fucking giant hammer tattoo on the front of his body) he has knockout power, no fucking doubt. But Jon is just too dam good at this game for that to happen to him and he will prove once again that there are motherfucking levels to this game. Jon Bones Jones for the win.

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Next up we have the GOAT women fighter Amanda Nunes defending her Bantamweight World Championship against Holly Holm. Much like Jon Jones, i have a hard time picking against Nunes. I mean this girl has just fucking dominated and mauled the best women on the planet. She has fucking eviscerated 3 of the greatest womens fighters of all time in 3 of her 4 fights, its remarkable. She is going against someone in Holly Holm who is another great in the womens fight game. She has MASSIVE victories in big time fights and most notable was the one where she knocked out Ronda Rousey. She has however, lost 4 of her last 6 fights after that victory and is seemingly trying to get back to where she once was, at the top. I for one, don’t see that happening but it very well could be the fight of the night. I think Nunes wins this by 5th round TKO. I mean can you blame me? LOOK AT THIS GIRL.

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Next up…oh boy. its time to get Funky. We got Ben Askren fighting Jorge Masvidal in a really really important fight for both men. The winner of this could very well get a title shot or have a nice looking view at one at the very least. If you know me, im a big Askren guy, he’s one of the most likable guys in the UFC. Askren is the best wrestler in all of MMA and hopes to show what he can do. But, this is quite a mismatch of styles. Masivadal’s striking ability is so much better then Askren’s that it is very very concerning to me that he might do to Askren what he did to Darren Till. Im not gonna choose against me boy tho, i think Askren will somehow close the distance and get a hold of Masvidal and it will be game over in the 2nd round. The way he ate punches from Robbie Lawler his last fight and somehow stil; found a way to win tells me that he can do the same to Masvidal. We’ll see. LETS GET FUNKY. Go Dad Bod.

ufc 235 sport GIF by UFC

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