UFC 238: Chi-Town Baby!

Holy hell this ppv card tomorrow night is special. It is STACKED with important fights filled with title implications. How can one not be excited for this, especiallllyyy for the return of THE right Lightweight champion of the world Tony motherfucking Ferguson.

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I’ll start with the main event which is for the vacant (thanks alot TJ) Bantamweight championship of the world with Flyweight champion Henry Cejudo facing off against the very dangerous Marlon Moraes. Henry Cejudo is coming off 2 wins against some of the best to ever do it in Demetrious Johnson and cheater TJ Dillashaw. Cejudo has a shot to become a 2 weight division champion and would really be the first guy to ever defend both actively (which he has said he wants to do). If this is the case, he immediately thrusts himself into that all time conversation, not the goat, but if he keeps going he’ll be mentioned with the greats. This is a big IF to me. I think this is a matchup nightmare for Cejudo and i think he’s going to get caught by Moraes. People that don’t think this is gonna happen havent watched Moraes fight. He’s moving up to fight a TRUE bantamweight at the 135-pound limit. Moraes is such a gifted striker, and he won’t be easy to take down whatsoever. Yes, Cejudo has beaten two all time greats in a row but i think this run he’s on ends at that hands of Marlon Moraes in the 4th round by TKO. I mean come on, you’re telling me this weirdo on the left is gonna be a two weight champion???

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Next up is the co main event for the Womens Flyweight championship of the world with the champ Valentina Shevchenko facing off against contender Jessica Eye. For those of you that dont know, Shevchenko is the second best/most dangerous womens fighter on the planet (behind the goat Amanda Nunes of course). I think this fight is gonna be a wash. While i love Jessica Eye and think shes a phenomenal fighter, there is levels to this game, and Valentina Shevchenko is on a wholeee notha level here. Shes going to put away Eye in the first round and rule over this division for a very long time. Also, what in the fuck is this dance?

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Honestly, this next fight is going to be fight of the night and could be fight of the year. It pits “El Cucuy” Tony Ferguson vs “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone. These are 2 of the biggest SAVAGES in the history of fighting and easily in todays game. Absolute LOON bats these guys are i have no fucking idea what is going to happen. Tony Ferguson is the most fun fighter to watch in the game and if i were introducing someone to MMA i would show them a Tony Ferguson fight. He has the absolute best claim to being a champion. This man is on a 11 fight win streak and 17 of his last 18. Whoever wins this fight will get a crack at Khabib if he were to get past Dustin Poirer in September. I NEED a Tony Ferguson vs Khabib title fight. He is non stop, puts the most pressure on anybody that has ever fought and is the most well conditioned fighter in the world. I feel bad because Cowboy Cerrone is one of my favorites and he is in the midst of the best run of his career. Unfortunately for him he has balls so big its going to cost him that title shot. Because i dont think he is beating Ferguson. I think Tony drops him in the 3rd round and this is going to be a MADHOUSE SLUGFEST. Everyone needs to watch this fight. It is going to be a fucking show in Chicago.

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If anyone wants some more insight on this crazy motherfucker, check out this sit down interview. It does not disappoint.

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