Local Bar burns down, comment section explodes.

First off let me say how shitty it is that someone lost their business and we’ve lost a great place to grab a drink and some food. No joke or punchline here, I really hope the owners can bounce back from this.

Now onto the (objectively) funny content.

Facebook is what 99.9% of the people living near me use as their go to social media. Given the small town I live in and our smaller neighboring towns anytime something big happens around here the comments deliver some hilarious content. So join me as I breakdown the best comments regarding the fire.

Listen (name redacted) we don’t care what you had plan Saturday.

This user was bummed to hear that a place they heard good things about was now out of commission. But the easily persuaded user was quick to throw any sympathy they had for the owners once they heard from a friend the food sucked.

Way to make their fire about your birthday (which is probably another 10 months away) Karen.

Fire Marshall/Insurance Agent Tom was quick to point the finger directly at the owner.

Simple yet powerful words from this handsome Jeep Wrangler Unlimited owner, who’s definitely NOT me.

Leave the comedy to the professionals.

We get it, you ride a bike.

Per the rules of the internet, if you brag to a bunch of strangers about your wedding you have to invite them. I look forward to burning the open bar down and slurring my way through an impromptu toast.

Country Paul Walker here to let everyone know that he’s the king of the streets.

This would appear to be another Fire Marshall commenting that this fire is suspicious. But upon further review of the comment I found it to be a red herring. This guy had a bad experience last time he went there and had a motive to burn this place down. It’s obvious he came back to the scene of the crime to take the fuzz off of his scent.

This seems like a classic, textbook case of…

A fieryous customer who tried to flame the owner.

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