TJ Dillashaw may be the dopest doper in the world.

There’s smart ways to dope and there’s dumb ways to dope.

Taking a “tainted supplement” and claiming ignorance can get you off scott free about 85% of the time (and by that I mean you won’t get the book thrown at you suspension wise). Perfect example of this is current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones.

Then there’s the dumb way to dope

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw chose the latter and paid for it with a 2 year suspension as announced by Dana White Jr. I mean Jeff Novitsky.

TJ who’s coming off a TKO loss to Flyweight Champ Henry Cejudo can add USADA to the list of opponents that have KO’d him in embarrassing fashion.

You know you fucked up when the guy who jumped through so many hoops to clear Jon Jones name after he blatantly used PED’s is dragging you in the media.

But why would Jeff Novitzky drag TJ and not Jon? Yes, Jon Jones sells more PPV’s but he’s also a serious liability given his previous failed drug tests, and this is TJ’s first offense.

Well the reason why Jeff is going scorched earth on that snake TJ Dillashaw is because he tested positive for the same substance Lance Armstrong was caught cheating with back in the day. And who was one of the lead investigators in the takedown of Lance Armstrong? JEFF MOTHERFUCKING NOVITZKY!

Seriously how dumb do you have to be to take the one substance that your bosses can sniff out almost instantly? This is like grabbing the scotch out of your dads liquor cabinet getting drunk, and when he walks in your room and you’re slurring out the words to Sweet Caroline he’s knows what’s up. It was a slam dunk case for Novitzky and USADA.

TJ’s former teammate and rival Cody Garbrandt has been singing the tune of TJ juicing since the lead up to their fight at UFC 217 in November 2017 and hand up I didn’t believe him and took it as typical fight hype. Also as you’ll see in the video below he inadvertently admitted to juicing himself so it was easy to write it off as trash talk because nobody would be dumb enough to incriminate themselves in that dumb of a way.

I’ve done a total 180 on Dillashaw and now I’m doing something I never thought I’d do, be a fan of Cody Garbrandt. Seriously I hated the guy because he came off as a gigantic douche during his stint on The Ultimate Fighter coaching against his rival. But he’s taking the this news in stride while also throwing in some light grave dancing.

TJ Dillashaw? More like TJ Hand-him-saw! Since he’ll need to make some money during his 2 year ban.

With jokes like that there’s no way I’ll bomb at my open mic!!

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