Let’s Take a Look at Sam Bozoian, One of the Most Interesting Personalities in Golf

As Masters week approaches, the golf media outlets are working overtime to provide the best content for the most prestigious tournament in golf.

Of course, there are publications like golf digest, golf magazine, and Golf WRX which provide a more buttoned up look at the year’s first major. They do a great job of doing comprehensive coverage of the tournament. However, there is one company that has found a way to bridge the gap between the folks who are allowed inside the ropes and the common golfer, Barstool Sports with their golf brand, Fore Play. 

It’s really an enigma in the golf world, seemingly an outsider breaking into the world of traditionalists, the interviews and content give a look into the world of golf that brands like Rolex, Titleist, and Mercedes don’t want you to see. It’s the fun side. Sometimes intellectual, sometimes bordering crass, Fore Play’s rise to meteoric fame comes thanks to an Ivy League sports legend, Sam Bozoian. 

At first, I heard a lot about how fans of Fore Play would make fun of Sam for his eyes, but you can take a look for yourself. I see absolutely nothing out of the ordinary here. 


Sam hails from Chino Hills, California and he’s a member of the Dartmouth women’s volleyball team as an opposite hitter. Considering that Bozoian is set to graduate this May, it makes his status as one of the heavy hitters in golf media all the more impressive. 

His junior season was his best at Dartmouth, playing in 30 sets and recording 48 kills and 14 digs. Although his team went 10-15, he was a valued member on a team of women who are in the midst of rebuilding their status in the Ivy League. 

Sam has worked as an intern for the Dartmouth Peak Performance Leadership, working for the assistant athletic director per his LinkedIn. 

Photo Apr 10, 11 36 29 AM

Juggling such a difficult course load while being an athlete and a member of the Chi Delta sorority is tough as it is. Now adding in the duties of a golf podcast host and content creator? I don’t know how he does it. I tried to get in contact with Sam to discuss his journey in golf, women’s volleyball, the Ivy League academic environement, and his perspective on life, but unfortunately he was unavailable for comment. I did my best to research the entirety of his bio, but hopefully we can get an interview with him to set the record straight if I was off on anything. 


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