Bear Grylls has a new interactive show on Netflix and it’s doomed to fail.

I don’t know how I feel about how I feel about Bear Grylls new interactive adventure show on Netflix. Should I be concerned that I feel bamboozled that even if we send Bear into a pack of wild wolves or choose for him to eat a poisonous berry we just “reset”?

I mean you don’t actually have to show Bear get mauled to death or slowly die from the poisonous berry, but throw us adrenaline junkies a freaking bone here Netflix! Hell I’d take grainy, poorly shot remake of the original Resident Evil intro over a fucking reset button.

Since this new show is basically a video game here’s some other continue screens that Netflix could use for inspiration.

I should also note that when I say “adrenaline junkies” I’m referring to myself and others who are too big of pussies to go out and do 1/16th of the shenanigans Bear Grylls gets himself into. I still have trouble riding roller coasters and run away at the site of snakes, spiders, or anything with a scaly skin.

On another related note I am excited to see Netflix really go all in on the interactive shows. Some of the other Netflix originals could see a spike in new viewers and a retainment of loyal viewers if they were to throw in an interactive season. Could you imagine a Narcos choose your own adventure? What about Peaky fookin Blinders? And of course for our hapless romantics and virgins we have a interactive season of “Love”.

So Netflix balls in your court….if  you want to make that “fuck you money” and stick it to the big bad guys in cable TV and dickslap Hulu make every original show interactive. But be warned, this type of power comes with serious responsibility as it has serious real life repercussions. 

Could you imagine? You’re watching Narcos and you choose for Pablo Escobar to live (God forbid) and BOOM, he’s suddenly alive again! This sounds like it could be a Twilight Zone episode on CBS All-Access…..except it’d actually be entertaining. 


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