Some idiot decides to tackle Bret “The Hitman” Hart at his Hall of Fame induction. He quickly finds out about “Strong Style wrestling”

I’m just going to get ahead of this now. Yes this happened two days ago. And yes I’m just now blogging about it. We had the first glimpse of nice weather this past Saturday so I did what any red blooded American would do. I bought a bottle of vodka (I gave up beer for lent) and rode the mule all day as I grilled out, played cornhole, threw some darts at my sisters gender reveal. Oh yeah I’m going to be a uncle no big deal.

Paying what I assume was at least $100 for a seat at a wrestling show apparently wasn’t enough for this jackass so he decided that being part of the show would get him his entire money’s worth. Well he may have gotten his money’s worth and then some when the legal fees and potential lawsuits come crashing down on him like a patented Macho Man Randy Savage elbow drop. Seriously the amount of two pieces this guy was getting for free is every drunk college kids wet dream when they step into Cane’s. I know I felt satisfied with my $9.99 purchase of the WWE Network.

So as crazy as this’ll sound, jumping the barricade and being part of the show can usually be pretty harmless. Sure you get kicked out and arrested but as long as you don’t put your hands on the talent your ass kicking will be fairly light. Think of it like your standard strip club etiquette. Here’s a perfect example of this.

On the flip side there’s plenty of tape this guy could’ve watched to realize when it goes bad, it goes bad!

It should be noted that Bret Hart has had a plethora of health issues over the years (multiple concussions, a stroke) that have aged the Hitman more than the average 61 year old. But in The Hitman’s defense if you blindside tackle 99.9% of 61 year olds there’s a 100% chance you’ll maim them.

Obviously this guy’s missing (or has an extra) chromosome to think this was a good idea. And thanks to the sleuths on Twitter we were treated to a peak into the mind of Zachery Madsen.

Yikes. If this guy does have some sort of mental illness I hope he gets the help he needs. Also it should be noted that this guy apparently is an amateur (or as my fellow internet degenerate Scott taught me “a-ma-tour” MMA fighter with a record of 2-3). Based on his technique in the bull rush double leg takedown I think even CM Punk could’ve stopped that takedown and knocked the dudes head off. So don’t expect to see Zachary on the Ultimate Fighter anytime soon.

To everyone else who may be reading this and still think it’d a good idea to jump into the squared circle because “wrestling’s fake bro!” I present to you the art of strong style or as the Japanese call it ” 強い風” which roughly translates to let’s beat the absolute fuck out of each other even though this is all for entertainment purposes.

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