Bengals RB Mark Walton The Most ELECTRIFYING Man In Cincinnati Entertainment!!

It’s fitting that on #ThrowbackThursday that we find out Bengals running back Mark Walton is doing his part to bring back the “Bad Boy Bungals”.

Per Fletcher Page (should’ve gotten into porn with that kind of name) of The Cincinnati Enquirer.

“The 21-year-old Cincinnati Bengals running back surrendered to North Miami-Dade police on Thursday to face felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon, marijuana possession and reckless driving, according to a Miami Herald report. It’s the third time Walton has been arrested this year. The latest arrest stemmed from a high-speed car chase that occurred March 12. 

According to the Miami Herald report, police officers attempted to pull over Walton’s car because it was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. Walton stopped the car and eventually ran from police. During the foot chase, an officer shot Walton in the back with a Taser. But Walton removed the electrified prongs and got away from police. 

Officers searched the car and found 14 grams of marijuana, and a 9 mm carbine rifle with several fully-loaded clips, police said.”

Even with all the adrenaline pumping through my veins I couldn’t imagine that I’d ever be able to casually rip the taser from my back and continue on my way as I evade police.

Also I should say that I’m not shocked (bad pun) that he was able to outrun the police given Cincinnati’s trouble with runners in the open field over the years.

Walton’s useless on the field as he averaged 2.4 yards per carry in 2018, and given he has a higher arrest per quarter this year it’s all but confirmed he’ll be cut.

But this latest arrest did provide me with an idea to help the Bengals and Cincinnati PD. Why not let the Bengals secondary do a few ride alongs and they can help run down criminals? Criminals are being taken off the street and the secondary is only going to improve given the literal obstacles and hurdles they’d have to overcome to catch the bad guys. Hell I’ll do it one better. Let’s have the Cincinnati PD participate in off season practices where the Bengals RB and WR core (sans AJ Green) have to outrun the officers armed with tasers on their way to the end zone.

Balls in your court Coach Taylor and Colonel Eliot K. Isaac. If you do nothing you’re anti-winning and pro-crime.

Also here’s the GOAT taser clip from Cops, just because.

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