Pepper needs a new pair of shorts after watching the new Joker trailer!

If those GIF’s didn’t give it away then I’ll spell it out for you. Yes I’m excited for Todd Phillip’s Joker movie and yes I may have skeeted a little after watching that trailer.

Now I won’t try to break down the trailer and the similarities between Joker and Taxi Driver or anything too complex. I’ll leave that to the movie nerds experts.

What I will talk about is how this might be my (2nd) favorite Joker look to date. Because everyone’s fighting for second place because Heath Ledger’s look is the GOAT. Also it goes without saying that Jared Leto’s Joker has last place by a country mile.

I like when we see a comic book character get a makeover from time to time and this look really compliments the creepy Joker we’re going to see Joaquin play.

Speaking of Joaquin, how about that laugh!? This motherfucker is about to give us the creepiest Joker to date. We’ve seen the “over the top Joker” we’ve seen the “anarchist Joker” and we’ve seen the “cheesy Joker” but a creepy and kind of helpless Joker is a first and I’m ready to see how it translates on screen.

I don’t usually get into comic book movies (with the exception of Deadpool, Guardians, and Justice League). I feel like I missed out on the Marvel train awhile ago and with new canon movies coming out almost every 6 months (or at least feels like that) I’d be so confused at this point if I jumped in.

Also I feel like I can only suspend my disbelief when watching a movie before I just check out (which is weird because I’m a die hard wrestling fan where we do the same exact thing).

Anyways, Joker looks like it’s going to an absolute must see for me and countless other DC fans as we see what director Todd Phillips does with his “character study”. If this ends up getting the normal comic book box office of at least $500 million expect to see more risks taken with these types of movies. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing in my opinion and could draw in a audience that like myself who prefer a more realistic and grounded comic book adaptation.

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