It’s the 6 year (and 2 day) anniversary of Shain Gandee’s death. Let’s pay our respects.

Apologies for being two days late on the celebration everybody. I was drowning myself in 4 Lokos and PBR to celebrate the enigma that was Shain “Candy” Gandee and literally just woke up from my bender.

6 years (and 2 days ago) the world lost a rising star in an unfortunate muddin accident that left millions stunned and the town of Charleston West Virginia in mourning (especially the local Go Mart where a Shain would frequently buy Flaming Hot Cheetos and 30 cases of Busch Light on a fairly regular basis).

While most of the cast of Buckwild has gone on to bigger and better things (countless DUI’s, dealing meth ya know typical redneck goofin) we’ll always wonder what would’ve happened if Shain hadn’t been tragically taken away from us.

I choose to remember the good times I had (via TV) with the ol Gandee Candee so I’ll end this blog with a few of the things that I’ll remember about our folk hero.

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