Game of Thrones only having 6 episodes in its final season is further proof why it’s not the best show on HBO.

I’ve managed to avoid Game of Thrones for the entirety of its 8 year run. I’m not really a fan of the genre so I never made it a point to watch the show (except for the violent deaths and nudity, shoutout to r/WatchItForThePlot and YouTube compilations). But I cannot argue with the success the show and its cast members have seen over its 8 year run on HBO.

Oh yeah if you’re waiting for me to shit on the show only having 6 episodes in its final season you’re going to be disappointed with the rest of this blog. That’s what we in the blogger biz call clickbait. And while usually you’d feel cheated after a clickbait blog I’m actually here to offer some genuine takes on the show.

As I said GOT has undoubtably been a huge hit for HBO and with a prequel series already ordered it looks like GOT will continue to dominate TV for at least a few more years.

While 6 episodes may seem short for a final season it makes up for it with episode length. With two 60 minute episodes to open the season and four 80 minute episodes to close the series fans should expect roughly 7.5 hours of GOT.

Quite frankly I love the less is more approach here. Some of my favorite HBO shows such as True Detective (Season 1 only) and The Sopranos could’ve done shortened their episode count. More so The Sopranos in it’s final season, although True Detective could’ve used the “60,60,80,80,80,80” approach to trim the fat off of what was a near flawless season of television.

So there’s my Game of Thrones blog. I won’t crap on the show because I think no matter what way I look at it it’s a great show but just isn’t for me.

Unlike The Walking Dead that show blows dogs for quarters.

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