Is there anything more confusing or embarrassing than getting cut on April Fool’s Day?

April Fool’s Day, my favorite non-drinking holiday. It’s my favorite because every year I post my yearly “Betty White has died” fake news headline onto her official fan page, sending Betty Stans into a frenzy for the next 15 or so minutes as they frantically google search to confirm. Speaking of Google big thank you to their editor tool on Chrome (hit F12 on your keyboard you’re welcome) for making my yearly tradition as simple as possible.

But for a select few April Fool’s Day is a day where you have the huge weight of anxiety on your shoulders and time seems to be a flat circle.

Case in point…

Getting fired on April Fool’s Day has to be the biggest roller coaster of emotions right? Because while you may think you’re getting pranked, you then realize no boss would be dumb enough to do “fire” you as a joke. Right?

I stand corrected.

But Browns coach Freddie Kitchens doesn’t look like your typical office prankster.

That’s the look of a guy who’s idea of a prank is to tell you if you don’t have his daughter home by 10:01PM he’s cocking his 12 gauge and going Brad hunting.

So I imagine at some point during the phone call Ricardo said “very funny coach.” which was followed by 15 seconds of awkward silence (and the occasional deep breath by Kitchens). Then Ricardo suddenly realized it wasn’t a joke and had actually been fired. “At least nobody will make a big deal about this since I was out all of last year.” Ricardo probably thought at some point today.


At least he’s got a drinking partner tonight as another Browns player has been hit by one of Freddie Kitchens “pranks”.

It’s apparent Freddie Kitchens has a sick sense of humor and I’m not going to lie I think it’d translate well in a Punk’d reboot.

Freddie cold calling families with elder relatives in nursing homes could be just the shot in the arm the prank industry needs.

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