It’s Paige Spiranac’s Birthday Week


Everybody’s favorite social media extraordinaire/ golfer Paige is currently in the midst of Birthday week. Obviously for most guys past college, the birthday is one specific day. Maybe you celebrate with a few drinks or a significant other, but it’s not a big deal. Actually this year, I had a huge existential crisis as I’ve turned 27, but other than that, it was pretty low key. 

For much of the fairer sex however, birthday week is a real thing and it’s much more than a week. It usually starts the weekend before the actual birthday and goes through until the next weekend. If the birthday happens to fall on a Friday or Saturday, it tends to be celebrated for 17 full days, starting the Friday a week prior and ending on Sunday of the following week. There are instagram posts, balloons, sometimes sashes and tiaras worn at the bar (Paige doesn’t drink, so maybe a restaurant). It’s a whole thing. Milestone birthdays like 21 and 30 can be even more excessive, sometimes including trips to destinations like Vegas or New Orleans and its’ a whole production, really. 

Paige turned 26 on Tuesday, so we are on the seventh full day out of the ten day birthday week period and although I haven’t seen much in the way of content that would insinuate that she celebrates in such a fashion, I can only assume it’s the case. So happy birthday to Paige. 

There hasn’t been much from her social media outlets in the last week, but I would be remiss if I didn’t catalog what she has posted. 

Here’s a video of Paige doing some short iron work on a mat. I have a disdain for mat practice, but it is a necessary evil sometimes and this might be a hot take, but to me, there is no better feeling than a flushed iron off of some synthetic turf. What I gathered from the video is that she’s working on full swings with a 9 iron or pitching wedge. She takes the club back to just short of parallel and she leaves her lead arm really straight through impact to get straight, penetrating ball flight. It’s perfect for par 3 tee shots and what I would assume is around 100-110 yards for her to land the ball softly without too much action. It’s a good way to let the shaft do the work in controlling the spin and trajectory of the shot. Or, ya know, I could be totally wrong. That’s just my guess and observation. 

Paige also hosted a March Madness bracket challenge contest that I don’t want to talk about, quite frankly. I entered it and last I checked, I was ranked thousands of spots out of the lead. Paige is way down the list too, but she’s beating the hell out of me. She picked Duke to win it all in case you’re wondering. 

That’s really it for this week. No vlogs on youtube or anything. I would assume she’s got some stuff in the works in addition to celebrating birthday week. Here’s an E-card I made for her. It’s got me handing her a birthday cake. The frosting is buttercream. I couldn’t decide between that or cream cheese frosting, but I figured if it had cream cheese frosting, the cake would need to be red velvet and I’ve kinda been off the red velvet train lately. So for that reason, the cake is a classic white cake. It’s delicious and is neutral enough so that anyone can enjoy it. There’s nothing worse than when someone has a cake to share and it has raspberry filling or something really polarizing. I’d say even chocolate cake might be a little much. Also, note the highlights on Paiges hair. Since getting married, I know how much ladies spend on that stuff, so I didn’t want to exclude it. 


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