Previewing UFC Fight Night London: Till vs. Masvidal

We have 4:00 EST fight card tomorrow in the great city of LONDON. Hometown hero Darren Till will be taking on a tough challenger in veteran Jorge Masvidal. Till, the #3 ranked Welterweight in the world, is coming off a tough title fight loss to Tyron Woodley while Masvidal is coming off a 500 day layoff. As someone with 43 fights under his belt, Masvidal really has seen it all and he will be prepared for the gorilla, Darren Till.

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Jorge Masvidal has never been stopped in 15 UFC fights. Quite impressive. But Till’s sheer size and strength is unlike anything Masvidal has ever faced. The weight cut for Till is EXTREMELY difficult getting down to 170 for welterweight, but he somehow does it. I would like to point out how fucking INSANE the London crowd is going to be for Till. It will be a hero’s welcoming when he enters to “Sweet Caroline” and the crowd sings along. Whether you watch these events live or later, i advise to watch him entering the octagon.

To breakdown the fight, i think its going only one way. Darren Till IS going to knockout Jorge Masvidal. I guaren fucking tee it. I fully expect this to happen in the 2nd round. However, all respect to Masvidal who has a good chance at catching Till if he plays his cards right with his great counter striking. This fight is going to be a brawl that isn’t going to go to the ground, which actually could favor Masvidal as his veteran presence will keep him composed in such a situation. What will get him in trouble however though, will be backing up and staying on the end of Till’s vicious left hand. I think that this will be fight of the night no doubt and both men will be battered at the end of the fight. But, my dude and one of my favorite fighters on the planet, Darren Till will be knocking Jorge Masvidal out in the 2nd round. Place your bets. Book it.

Darren Till is special, and he is going to be a star. He has one of the greatest winner mindsets i believe in the sport. His quote after his first ever loss…
“[I’m] not invincible, but I already knew that before the fight,” Till told ESPN. “I knew one day my loss would come. I always said it openly on camera. I’m not ashamed or afraid to admit that someday I would lose. I’ll possibly lose again. I may lose on Saturday. I’m not scared to say that.” I love this quote. He’s not scared of losing, of anyone or anything like most of these nba and nfl players seem to be. They’re all gettin it!

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