Coach Cal Hot Seat Update

Dear diary,
We’re about 16 hours removed from the FBI dropping the hammer on Mrs. Hallmark movies (who’s still throwing heat at age 54) and the lady from Desperate Houswives (who’s also married to Frank Gallagher) and John Calipari is still walking strutting the streets of Lexington a free man.
While the University of Kentucky wasn’t listed in the report of “elite” universities that were involved in this scheme, I remain weirdly optimistic that Coach Cal was involved.

I can only hope it’s a matter of the FBI getting all of their ducks in a row before they come and knock down Tony Soprano’s Coach Cal’s door.

I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. I don’t ask for a lot on my birthday or Christmas so I think I’m due for a great present like the demise of Coach Cal and Kentucky basketball.

I hope to write a follow up later this week bearing good news.

Yours truly,

The #1 Columbus Destroyers fan and #1 Kentucky Basketball detractor


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