Why is BJ Penn still fighting in 2019?

If you were a casual MMA fan from the mid to late 2000’s this is the BJ Penn you remember.

If you’ve just gotten into MMA in the last few years this is the BJ Penn you’re familiar with.

Loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss.

I can remember first getting into the UFC and watching BJ Penn choking out Matt Hughes to become the first fighter to win a title in two weight classes. I can remember BJ Penn squeezing the blood out of Joe Stevenson, then proceed to lick said blood off of his gloves.

These are distant memories as BJ for whatever reason wants to keep fighting in the midst of a 6 fight losing streak. If you watched BJ’s last fight you’ll recall he was quickly submitted by submission ace Ryan Hall and just like Penn’s knee we were torn when the fight was over. Part of me (40%) is a sucker for nostalgia and was hoping we’d see BJ’s patented rubber guard and slick BJJ game, while the other 60% knew we’d see a shell of a former great in the octagon that night.

The only bright side here is that he’s fighting Clay Guida who can bring out a slugfest in just about anyone and if this is BJ’s last fight he’ll go out swinging and pleasing the fans in the process.

So let’s hope for a surprise BJ on May 11th!!

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