Here’s why you shouldn’t be excited for the new Jonas Brothers song.

The year is 2019 and The Jonas Brothers are sending EVERY girl back to 2009 with the announcement of their new single “Sucker”.

Times were simpler back then. Purity rings were the craze, Nick Jonas made diabetes look cool, and girls were crushing over two guys who looked liked 30 year olds playing high school students in a shitty Lifetime movie.

The consensus seems to be excitement over the news of a new song and tour, but are people missing the big picture here?

For the unaware Disney execs have been caught on tape harassing and abusing the Jonas Brothers. I now present you with the raw footage


Pretty shocking footage I know. To the fans of the Jonas Brothers I ask you this. Is 4 minutes of new music and a tour which you’ll probably tweet about how excited you are for but not end up going worth the abuse these three will endure?

So before you hit download on Spotify or purchase a ticket think about what had to happen for you to enjoy new JB content.

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